This remarkable gift was sent from HBO to select fans of His Dark Materials with a personally selected porcelain dæmon, hand-crafted by Kate MacDowell inside laser engraved mahogany boxes. Dæmons are a fictional being in the series where an animal represents an external manifestation of a person's inner-self. Every box has gold accents, a three dimensional lid, and includes a personalized base for the figurine.

It was a pleasure working closely with the brilliant team at 360i on this otherworldly project. Photography provided by Benjamin Bouchet.

Aside from being totally blown away, as a long time fan of these books, I actually cried opening this box. I have wished for a dæmon for so long and all the personal details made this a book nerd dream come true. This will be a true life long treasure for me.
Each animal has unique touches making each truly individualized - one Lynx might look left, while another looks right.

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Woodworking, laser engraving, laser cutting, hand painted, custom packaging

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